Liquid Gold That Your Body Treats Like Shi%$t

“ 98% of curcumin that people take in a form of capsule probably does not even stay in the body, and starts to process it out of the body very quickly.”
– John Charlick, BSc Hons

Liquid Gold That Your Body Treats Like Shi%$t

Turmeric, the widely acclaimed spice regarded for its valuable health benefits. It contains an excellent amount of curcumin, a bioactive compound that’s highly known for its load of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, that it has been considered as the panacea to almost all body ailments and medical conditions. But, while it’s well-known for so many uses, it is not easily absorbed by the body as the liver treats it as a toxin and sends it right out as an excrement, which makes its effects arguable.

How to get the best out of turmeric?

1. Pepper it up.

Pepper contains a compound called piperine which makes curcuminoids more water soluble. Mixing these two spices increases the absorption up to 2000%.

2. Heat it.
Heating curcumin for at least 10 minutes increases its solubility which will then result to hastening its ability to dissolve in our blood, and makes it more efficient in delivering its phytonutrients across the cell membrane.

3. Grease it.
It is fat-soluble. Taking it with good oil makes it easily absorbed into the bloodstreams, not in the liver and stomach wall where it will be easily flushed out.

4. A mix of purple and yellow.
A flavanoid antioxidant which gives food its purple hue is called quercetin. It inhibits the enzymes that deactivate curcumin. You can find this in apples and berries.

How to know that it’s already working for you?

According to the medical community, a regular daily consumption of 2000mg of turmeric is recommended to achieve optimal results.

Here are some of the empirical benefits you’ll easily notice when you take turmeric consistently:

  • Boosts your mood and brain function – curcumin increases the level of growth hormone in the brain called brain-derived neutrophic factor (BDNF), thus improving brain performance. It also supports the production of serotonin and dopamine, chemicals responsible for stabilizing moods.
  • Lessens pain levels caused by arthritis and inflammation
  • Slow formation or improvement of fine lines and wrinkles – curcumin is found to correct DNA errors that speed aging.
  • Curbs sugar-craving – it is known to lessen cortisol, also known as the “stress hormone”, responsible for inhibiting insulin production which would then lead to increased glucose, and subsequently to increased blood sugar levels.
  • Reduces PMS symptoms
  • Stronger immune system which is linked to turmeric’s high content of Vitamin B6.
  • Promotes weight loss by preventing the formation of new blood vessels and new fat.
  • Faster wound- healing – turmeric is known to be a natural antiseptic since the ancient times and is frequently used to dress wound and burns
  • Improves the appearance of stretch marks which can be attributed to its ability to cross cell membranes
  • Manage Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) symptoms


A lot of top-rated studies had been conducted investigating the effects of turmeric and curcumin, and many have already been scientifically substantiated. But, the main factor in ensuring that you get to experience all those is to continuously incorporate it into your diet.

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