98% of people are short changed when it comes to turmeric, its nothing to do with what you think!

“ 98% of curcumin that people take in a form of capsule probably does not even stay in the body, and starts to process it out of the body very quickly.”
– John Charlick, BSc Hons

98% of People Are Short-Changed When It Comes To Turmeric, It Has Nothing To Do With What You Think!

Traditionally used as a spice, but since it became highly publicized for the benefits it offers, it has gained interest not only from the culinary world but also in the medical field. It has been known for its remarkable antioxidant content and is known to help different ailments such as gynecological problems, neurodegenerative diseases, diabetes, blood disorders, and cancer.

Turmeric, the “golden spice”, has been used since ancient times to assist in fighting and preventing body ailments, and treating some disorders and diseases. But, what really happens in our body once we start taking turmeric?

Depending on the inflammatory factor, if you have the best turmeric source then you should notice fast changes – perhaps weeks, days, or even minutes right after taking it!

Turmeric reduces inflammation and it is measured in many ways. Pain, energy, sleep, cancer-  just about any aging factor or illness is related to inflammation. So a fast-working turmeric shows benefit within minutes for some of these indicators, others take weeks or longer.

It is worth highlighting that In a recent unbiased study conducted by Dr. Michael Mosley, an award-winning science journalist and BBC media presenter proved that powders are better than capsules or placebos in a carefully controlled experiment.

There are a lot of claims made about everything containing turmeric from lattes to capsules to powders, only to find out that it does not it deliver its claims.

Find a turmeric source that you trust will give you the value you deserve.


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